A sample AR game created for a hands-on Vuforia Workshop at GDC 2018 hosted at the Unity Offices.
The Game requires two cards - a Pins Card and a Bowling Ball Card. The Pins Card contains 10 bowling pins and the Bowling Ball Card contains a bowling ball. The physical orientation of the card determines the angle that the Bowling Ball will be bowled and the speed of the swipe on the screen determines the speed of the bowling ball.
The objective of the game is to knock over as many pins within a frame (two tries). Once the frame is done, the pins are reset and another frame begins.
AR has some unique UX challenges as there is a "setup" phase similar to traditional board or card games. The game starts with a video explaining to the user how to setup the cards in order to play the game.
Vinny DaSilva
Developer Evangelist - Programmer
Abdul Algharbi
Software Development Engineer - Programmer