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Windows; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Wounded is a nerve racking first person horror game that is one step closer to the world of fear, unforgiveness, anxiety and all round terror! As you progress through the old and abandoned world of “Wounded”, searching for your daughter, you uncover the deep dark secrets that the place has buried in its wall and ground. Every clue that you gather and every secret that you uncover helps you to guide your way through the game and not to fall into your own nightmares. Swift moves, reflexes, and stealth are your weapons of choice to insure your survival and to maximize the chances of finding your daughter… Alive.

Wounded doesn't solely rely on jump scares to create a threating experience; the premise is paranoia and concern, the fear of the unknown. Carefully picked sounds and soundtrack will contribute to the full horror experience. There’s imminent danger and also very immediate threats you have to face. Things can go wrong, quickly, and most of the time your own actions are what leads to your own ascendance or demise. Make your own choices, think twice before every step.

Inner strength is required in order to find your way out, and it's definitely not a game for the lighthearted. Walking in the shoes of Bureck Simith, you are armed with your own wits and will to find your daughter. Mistery is a part of the game, thus you will have to treat carefully and choose your options, wisely. Every step counts. It can either lead you to your daugter or it can lead to death. Follow your instincts and conquer your own fear, collect evidence, solve puzzles and learn more about the surroundings as you go.
"Our first ever Greenlight campaign went skyrocket in a very short period of time. We didn't even expect that much of a success. In approx two week period of time, we got a very high amount of positive comments, nearly ten thousand unique viewers and over four thousand "YES" votes. The first week we were getting the most views and positive votes and comments, then for a few days it started stalling a bit, and in the last three days it skyrocketed and we managed to reach top 5 place on the Steam Greenlight at that time. This was a very big accomplishment for us and we were all proud of our product." - The Team

Some time ago, when we thought that "Wounded" is nearing completion, we released a demo build in order to get some public opinions. The demo was live and after a couple of days we got the opinions we wanted. However, the game just kept on spreading between many youtubers and countless communities. At that point it was decided that the demo was only the beginning of "Wounded" and that it had to be done to perfection.

Some of the unexpected numbers the demo got:
- Downloads | 100.000+
- Overall Views | 25.000.000+
- Recommendations | 4.000+
- Game Rating | 4.8 / 5

This is due to the big change in the game structure, story and gameplay which the demo version does not represent anymore.
Goran Graorkovski
Graphic Designer - Designer
Shime Tadic
Lead Programmer - Programmer
Stefan Vitanov
3D - Artist
Vasko Atanasovski
CEO | Workbench Entertainment - Executive
Game Languages
Danish; English; Dutch; French; German; Italian; Macedonian; Norwegian; Portuguese; Spanish; Swedish; Turkish; Russian; Serbian; Bulgarian; Greek (modern); Albanian; Polish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4