Published a year ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux; Android; iOS
Space Roguelike
Soft neurocomputer voice wakes you up with an emergency message. Commander, we're leaving PL-Space, our sensors detected cluster of objects near the gates. According to signatures... that's hypermarauders!
SSI2 is a Space Roguelike like FTL in which you constantly make hard choices. Save the galaxy or rescue your crew member? Serve an Evil Empire or help an Ancient Tribe? Every decision matters!
Key Features:
  • Two campaigns: Time-limit mode or Free Exploration
  • Morality system: every action has consequences
  • Randomly-generated universes
  • Events with random outcomes
  • 1v2 and 1v3 starship encounters
  • Tactical elements
  • Multiplayer mode:
  1. Choose your team
  2. 1 to 4 teams available — PVP or Universe Exploration
  3. Cross-platform multiplayer
  4. Play with friends on PC or tablet
  • Permanent death, old-school
  • Unique abilities and crew behaviour
Vitalius Sch
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; Android; iOS