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Android; iOS
A 2D science-fiction action rpg for mobile driven by narrative choices and visceral combat.
Set in the far future: Mankind has invented sentient AI, colonised worlds, mastered genetics, and suffered a terrible fate. Our heroine, far from home in both time and space, must traverse desolate worlds, slay nightmarish creatures, brave hidden cultures, make uneasy alliances, and piece together clues to reveal the truth behind what happened... lest history repeat itself.
Influences include Devil May Cry (gameplay mechanics), Secret of Mana 2 (art-style / gameplay) and Baldur's Gate (dialog-story interactivity).
Why would anyone want to play this?
  • An immersive and non-linear story. Your dialog choices will often determine friend from foe, who lives and who dies, and the fate of galaxy. Taking a different path within a subsequent play-through will even challenge your interpretation of the events in the first.
  • Visually compelling retro art style (in progress). Perfect level of detail for mobile screens. Takes up little space on your phone. Using a retro-art style also means leaving more space for narrative depth.
  • A narrative inspired by modern technological developments, theories, and their relevant philosophical implications.
Why would anyone want to play this on mobile...
  • Our game is for those who want to enjoy immersive stories and action without intrusive ads, grinding, or pay-to-win mechanics. It subverts many of the frustrating trends of modern gaming. Players are primarily rewarded by meaningful narrative choices they make rather than time/money spent in the game.
  • Gameplay can be done in small bursts if desired. A checkpoint based save system, list of current goals, plus a log of conversations means you won't get lost when you return.
  • Perfect for occasions when RPG fans can't do console gaming - e.g. a long train journey, waiting at a bus stop etc, and don't want the burden of carrying around an extra device like a PSP.
  • Unlike most other mobile RPGs this will have a low install size
  • The most successful games in this category for mobile action RPGs so far are probably Soul Knight (4.7 stars, 188,397 downloads), Mage Gauntlet, and Wayward Souls (4.6 stars, 9,047 downloads). This game would be an improvement on all of them and deliver something new on mobile. A good example of the demand for choice based games is The Great Tournament (4.8 stars, 25,852 downloads).
How far along are we in development?
  • A first draft of the combat system is being built as a prototype in Unity which will be tested and iterated on as soon as it's ready.
  • A first draft of the main story is ready. Confirmation of certain details and the best interaction formula will need to be revised and worked out as we get further into the project and receive more feedback after testing.
  • An rough art-direction has been laid out to get us started but the end result will ultimately be shaped a lot by our next hire.
Who is in the team at the moment?
  • Phil Burling - A programmer and User-Experience designer with extensive knowledge of psychology, philosophy, and computer science, as well an interest in recent scientific journalism. An avid consumer of science fiction.
  • Pascal Lohscheidt - A programmer with 2 years of experience in Unity and 2 Unity games released already.
How do we plan to fund it?
  • At the moment we are putting in our own time at our own expense, but depending on the response we get for the prototype we will consider launching a Kickstarter or seeking funding from investors in the industry.
Where is it headed
  • This will be the first chapter in an overarching story (drafted already) and as part of a larger franchise set in that world.
  • We intend repurpose and pivot the gameplay engine for other adventures in additional genres (e.g. 1920s survival horror, fantasy, historical) so we can continue to deliver great games

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Android; iOS