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Windows; HTC Vive
He must be stopped...
Feel free to download the executable here:
What initially started as a silly inside joke during a film shoot with my good friend, TB is the first prototype I have made with Unity 5 and the HTC Vive that has some kind of "substance" to it. It is a hilarious little project I made alone in 2016. I was able to level up my skills using Mixamo Fuse to create our naked friend as well as the S.A.L.S.A asset for facial and mouth animations.
There is not much in terms of player interaction in this build of T.B. The title is more of a passive experience that was intended to get inside of the players head and be humorous in the way it progresses. Of course, this could have gone a lot further as the rabbit hole of TB only gets deeper and more insane.
I had a blast creating this one and hope others get a laugh out of the original soundtrack and constant trolling and belittling of the participant. I think VR is a very powerful medium for telling stories and engaging the player on an instinctual and emotional level.
Dave Ferrell
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Windows; HTC Vive