Published a year ago
I develop games and interactive software.
I mostly worked with advertising agencies and worked as head of development team at McCann Istanbul. After founding my own company, I continue working on own games and client contracts with advertising and game development industry under my company Combocow Limited.
Currently I'm living in London and developing virtual reality / augmented reailty experiences and games for international clients.
I’m experienced on Game Play Development on various languages and platforms such as; Unity, C#, AS3, AS2, Starling, Torque Engine, C Script on Torque, Facebook Graph API, Twitter API, Adobe AIR, Google/Apple Game Center APIs and In-App Purchase APIs, PHP, Cake PHP, My SQL, MS SQL and even Lingo, Pascal. I’ve ported some small c++ projects to AS3, tweak Torque Engine a bit at the time.
I mostly enjoy coding game play and designing game mechanics.
Please feel free to contact me, say hello and share ideas you think I can be interested in.
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Gokhan Sivrikaya
game developer - Programmer