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Linux; Mac; Windows
"Do you know how computers work? No? We'll you're in luck, thanks to new technology we're going to find out! This is the future!" A city-building strategy / survival game with some Tron / Darwinia inspired visuals and gameplay elements from classic series such as Settlers & Anno.
You've already spent a lot of time on your computer. It's time for you to learn what really goes on inside!
In this bizarre, yet somehow familiar environment live small digital life-forms called Hexters. It is your role to assist these little guys and learn about bits, bytes, polygons and hexadecimals (it's all nonsense by the way).
Meet some helpful programs, build and expand, make sure you have enough power available, extract, collect, refine and improve, enjoy a day/night cycle and fight back at the evil... stuff.
Markku Rankala
Digital Game Artisan - Designer
Game Languages
English; Finnish
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows