One Caring Team - AlohaVR

Our Mission

Our goal is to supplement family caregivers, reducing their emotional burdens, while increasing the quality of senior care and decreasing healthcare costs by proactively managing preventable health issues.


Aloha VR is an immersive relaxation program for assisted living facilities that helps lonely seniors reconnect to life without pharmacological side effects. We help seniors with anxiety, depression, or dementia escape their reality and experience new kind of happiness using virtual reality. We monitor physiological states among other key metrics to further develop and refine our Aloha VR. One Caring Team's Aloha VR reduces stress and anxiety for older adults who want to feel alive again without pharmacological side effects. Unlike anxiety medicines or TV, Aloha VR enables seniors to escape into immersive environments using cutting edge Virtual Reality Technology.

Media Features

IBM: Loneliness and the aging population. How businesses and governments can address a looming crisis. Forbes NPR Washington Post and more at :
Michael Loubier
Lead VR Developer - Programmer