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In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
The Tycoon MMO.
Tycoons$ is a massive multiplayer online economy simulation game for Windows, Linux and Mac. You play together with other players in the city Tycoopolis, a big Open World.
The game world
  • free accessible Open World
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Weather system
  • Sun, Rain, Snow, Storm, ...
  • different locations
  • Downtown, Suburbs, Harbor, Airport, Beach, Farm, ...
  • Skills
  • Specialize in different industries
  • Quests
  • You will find many quests in the city
  • Raw materials
  • Collect raw materials like ore and wood
  • Buy
  • Special resources and other products
  • Production
  • Produce products in your factory
  • Sales
  • Offer products in your shop
  • Trade
  • Directly with other players or on the market
  • Transport
  • Drive your goods through the city
  • Corporations
  • Incorporate with other players
  • and many more features
Alpha / Beta
The first public tests will be in summer 2018.
Maikel Urlitzki
Senior Software Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
German; English
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows