Published 2 years ago
In development
A VR music game
Pretty much another work in progress experiment here. This is a rough test of a new VR interface I've been working on using my spare time. The controls affect the test game sensibility to music, making it harder or easier to punch the objects while following the music.
I did not spend much time on visual effects and the surrounding 3D environment for the game yet -- for now giving more attention to the music synchronization and the VR interface -- but I do plan to spend some time on them later on.
Many rough edges to polish and content to add yet, but I have no rush, this is just yet another weekends project.
If you want me to program something for you -- be it a game, vr application or database system -- don't hesitate to contact me -- while being a freelancer, I'm always looking for new commercial (paid) jobs.
More about this later.
Vander Nunes
Developer - Programmer
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English; Portuguese, Brazil
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