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Windows; Linux; Xbox One; Mac
A FPS Horror game where you have returned home from work. You grab a drink and take a load off. Then as you go to sleep, you hear a sound from the basement, you hate going down there but decide to check it out anyways. It is probably just the water heater again. Upon entering the basement you realize the sound isn't coming from the water heater but from behind an old tapestry that came with the house. What is behind? You'll have to find out.
I plan to have T0rn out by the summer of 2018 but I can not promise that. It is still WAY deep into beginning stages and make take a while before I can get a intro video out but I will have more information on it soon! Currently I am the only person who is working on it but I would be more than thrilled for people to sign up for Beta Testing once I have a playable model.

Adam Haile
Independent Developer - Other
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Windows; Linux; Xbox One; Mac