Area 86
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Linux; Mac; Windows
Top secrets exposed - Can you handle the truth?
We all know about Area 51 Would you believe that there is even more such places? We just acknowledged that there is Area 86
Sources say, it contains artificial intelligence research facility & stuff that is not explainable to us. We receive signals from it, but we have hard times figuring out how to use them. And we don't know from what part of space it's coming from! But we made a progress and now we can transfer your input back to the sender! Here is some feedback on what did we discover by sending our input:
  • We get to control a robot.
  • Robot movement is very destructible and we broke many items in our path.
  • There is also a possibility to pick, throw & activate items while using the robot.
  • A unknown source that gives our robot tasks with hints on how to progress further!
That's what we did discover. Possible thats just the tip of the iceberg. Further discoveries are in your hands!

Area 86 Features:

  • Smooth physics-based gameplay
  • Destructible environment and items
  • Tasks with hints that give you more confusion
  • Secret places and hidden objects
  • Unexplainable events
  • Controller friendly

DevLog at Game Jolt:
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Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows