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Windows; Mac; Linux; Nintendo Switch; HTC Vive
A nostalgic and comfy 3D puzzle game! Play as a bunny cube through 3D diorama-like puzzle levels filled with charm! *Currently in development and releasing Q4 2018*
Bokube is a Push Block, light platformer, light action, perspective puzzle game. Every puzzle level introduces a new enemy, trap, or twist on the games core mechanics and keep levels fresh. Change your cameras perspective! Rotate the camera around a level to understand how to solve it or find secrets! You can also zoom in the camera on Boku at any time.Each level is able to have up to four puzzle cubes for the player to find, push or pull, kill enemies, and take to their colored goals! Later worlds introduce new kinds of puzzle cubes that act differently for deeper puzzle solving the farther you get in the game.
Boku is a cube bunny a "Bokube" that was blown away from his peaceful village into the worlds below and must journey through 8 worlds each with their own themes, levels and bosses to tackle before finally making it back home.
Inspired by games like "Captain Toad", "Kirby", and "Super Mario" Bokube aims to be a nostalgic cute and comfy game.
Fredrick Conception
Conception Software Lead Designer - Designer
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Windows; Mac; Linux; Nintendo Switch; HTC Vive