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Mobile AR graffiti territory building game
Spray'd is a mobile AR graffiti game a la Ingress that could really benefit from a team. Currently, it works by recognizing stop signs and allows players to tag them with virtual graffiti. Players type a message into a text box and when the stop sign is recognized, it shows a spray can in AR. The player taps the can and it sprays the message onto the stop sign and stores that message and the location of the stop sign in a database online. If the user has tagged at least 3 stop signs, they can see a polygon of their territory on a map. Anyone can come along and replace that message with their own, which increases that players territory and diminishes the first player's territory on the map. That's all it is at the moment. So while it is a good start, it lacks some things to make it an actual game. One thing it could use is teams- or crews in the parlance of graffiti artists. It would be more fun if player's could join or form crews to build and maintain territory as a group. This would also help with user acquisition. It also probably needs to not be based on stop signs. For one, the sun gets in your eyes during the day. There are also some technical reasons that I won't get into. But I could imagine using any surface, just like in real life. It could also be fun to let the user actually draw graffiti instead of just typing messages.
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