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Linux; Mac; Windows
This game is an interactive game introducing a gladiator melee combat, with an attempt to mimic the realistic combat system of Warband. Players will be able to name, customize their own gladiators, and advance in the arena. A town will be present where players will be able to interact with A.I. shopkeepers, Enter an inn to enjoy the day or fall asleep to regenerate health to become prepared for the next day of combat. There will also be a training area for new players to learn and practise their combat skills within the game.

Complex Combat System

A complex Oblivion style combat system. There is one to three types of blocking depending on weapons as well as one to three types of attacking. The game also takes account of if it is attacking from behind or forward, etc.

Complex Sound System

The complex sound system will interact with Combat and Animation Systems, depending on the sound of weapons clashing, fists to weapon clashing, ambient music etc. Background Music will also stay the same with different scenes.

Complex Animator / Animation / Cinematics Management System

An Complex Animator/Animation System utilises a Blender Model to create realistic animations for Combat and Sound System to Utilise, while as well allowing immersion in town. Keeping Track of what state the animator is currently in, and allowing and disallowing certain type of actions, etc.

Store / Item / Customization Management System

Amount of damage or the range a certain weapon has, amount of how much protection/ health, a certain armor type provides, randomization of Armor / Customization / Weapons of A.I., and Customization of Player.

Complex A.I. System

Invoke repeat system to manage spawning, movement in town, interacts with Combat System and Animation System, Town A.I. for ambient realism.

Guy Ponimansky
Unity Game Developer - Programmer
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Linux; Mac; Windows