Day 8
Published a year ago
Done with Space Shooter
they released Unity 2018.1 beta today, I'm looking forward to new changes, but I'm going to hold off on trying it out because it seemed like it was all stuff that is above my pay grade currently. I will go through the release notes and see what is changed though, hopefully the GUI Text stuff is fixed. I'm also hoping for updated tutorials!

Stuff Learned

Debugging looks really easy to add. Good stuff.
Tags look immensely useful and also easy to add.
Game Controller Object looks like what everything will connect to and most of the action will happen here. (most likely)
a Quaternion is basically a rotation.
I can add a new script by selecting the folder I want it in and then 'create new C# script'? I guess you didn't tell me this way first to make me appreciate it? any way, this just highlights how many different ways there are to do things in Unity.
for & while loops are pretty standard.

Stuff I didn't understand

Coroutines - not sure what these are about, but I'll ear mark them for later
Destroy - pretty obvious, but still looked really in-depth and possibly just scratched the surface (as with everything really), so another ear mark.
Dragging audio onto a game object didn't seem to work for me, I was able to just add component though so no biggie.
GUI Text seemed very all over the place and didn't work as described. It says that it is obsolete and that it will be removed in a future release so I'm not too concerned with learning this right now, and I understand the concept. This is something that wasn't even correct in the Upgrade Guide as far as I could see. Again though, not a big deal yet.


So I asked in the General Discussion channel about being able to bring up the Unity Documentation from Visual Community and someone answered!
CTRL - ALT - M then CTRL - H
a wee bit longer, but if it works...

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