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Establishing order in the disorder


War is about to begin in the mortal realm which is buried deep down in chaos providing a stark contrast to calmness that exists in the natural world which is kept in check by the orb that travels wherever unrest is about to begin.


Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light
The quote said by Albus Dumbledore made me think about a world in the future which is technically advanced, hosts a variety of species from different races and worlds enclosed in an illusion barrier within it, and where a peace-maker and its army exists to stop the world from falling into chaos and disorder.


To create the environment, three scenes were used. I started creating the first scene where the orb was present, the order was established in the natural world and then the orb goes through the portal which is hidden behind the waterfall, to the outer main world (second scene) which consists of different smaller worlds. The orb then travels to his next destination (third scene) where unrest is just about to begin, once again to establish order and peace.
To make the first scene, i started working on the terrain, creating the mountains and the added the vegetation using different assets taken from the asset store. Then the skybox, structures and living birds were added along with the portal that leads us to the second scene.
Before making the second scene, i had explored the unity asset store a bit and came across some interesting particle effects assets which i found apt to use for showing the portal to the smaller worlds. I made a couple of textures on the photoshop and used them in this scene.
Then i went on to create the third scene, that shows the mortal realm. I found this amazing asset from the unity store that contained a 3D model of a city, which i took a liking to and used it to give the look and feel that i wanted.


I used the Unity's post-production stack and Cinemachine ( Dolly Camera with Track ) to complete the project. Once i was sure of the track, i used the timeline to record it. Later on, i used the post-processing stack and adjusted the look and feel of the environment.

Assets Used

  • AliensAndMarines
  • Decrepit Dungeon LITE
  • FantasyMonster
  • GalaxyBox2
  • living birds
  • Medieval Bridge
  • Metal Floor (Rust Low)
  • nave
  • Palm Trees
  • particle effects
  • SkyBox Volume 2
  • skyscrapers
  • Standard Assets
  • Vast Outer Space
  • Water FX Pack

Unity Tools

  • Unity 2017.3.0f3 (Personal)
  • Post-Processing Stack
  • Cinemachine
  • Recorder
I wanted to learn how to make an environment that i imagine with the different software and tools.Working for the Unity Neonchallenge helped me learn a lot about it and finally i was able to create my first 3D environment .
Here's the final version :

Kiran Thakkar
Game Designer - Student
Designer-Espacially Low Poly Models+Developer - Student
Awsome work !! Keep it up
Maya SubramanianSuoerb work :
Super* work :D
Suoerb work :
Aromal Ram
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Poorvi Mittal
a year ago
Beautiful and refreshing concept