Lost In Space
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Hey, I'm Gage Birch, and I started this project along with Kolton Meier and Samuel LaRocque. we wanted to build a tight, almost claustrophobic environment, and ended up deciding on a lost escape pod in an era of early space exploration.

WIP 1 block out

Initial block out of the shell and interior layout.
from there I looked through the asset store and and overlayed the graybox with whatever free assets that might make sense (and some that kinda don't). moving pieces around, dividing up the space into functional areas. such as an area for rest/sleep, engine machinery, a cockpit, a table which was originally that white square in the floor, would rise up and take the shape of a picnic table). this was about the time half or so of the environment was cut in favor of a more dense section of the escape pod and available time to work on the project.

WIP 2 Modeling

many on the original or altered models where put together a little more hastily than I'd normally like, and for my next environment project I plan on spending more time building up a concept and patterns for a more consistent design.

WIP 3 (back to) Unity

testing the shell in unity with some quick lighting, before I head into substance for some textures
this was my first dive into using substance, and so most of the materials are the result of throwing stuff at the mesh and see what happens, the only details I had set out before hand were to use a mix of metal and plastic, a deep orange, and damage.

Wip 4 Dynamic stuff

not much time left for dynamic pieces, had a lot more planned in the beginning, what did make it though are the ragdoll space suits with harnesses and the hammock (all done with joints/ridged bodies ) and a quick and simple coroutine and counter to toggle the light components and the emission value of the material.
I had set up a test doll and idle virtual cam with cinemachine and ended up blending those together for the final submission. the post processing stack I actually ended up playing with pretty early, and it was easy to play around with. I ended up going primarily with the bloom and vignette functions, and enabled the eye adaptation to give the lightning and flickering lights a little more effect.

PlugIns: post processing stack V2, Cinemachine, Unity particle 1.3
Assets: Corridor Lighting Example, Manic Melee Weapons Pack (1), Electronics V.1, Electronics V.2, Robot Labs, Revolver Base, Milky way skybox, ATM, crane (origami obj.), sci_fi_seartchlight, Arrimus 3D giveAway

Gage F Birch
Dev - Artist
Gage F Birch
a year ago
Dev - Artist
Blair RenaudLove it. If you can get that electrical problem under control, seems like a place I would hang out.
Awesome, thanks.
Blair Renaud
a year ago
CEO/ Director - Designer
Love it. If you can get that electrical problem under control, seems like a place I would hang out.