Colosseum Coach
Published a year ago
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Android; iOS
Colosseum Coach is a Role Playing Game with randomized characters, multiple enemies, and many arenas to go through. Characters can be upgraded or replaced with others if weak/dead. Each arena has its own special enemies which get harder the farther the player goes in the game.
This game was developed during the MassDiGI Summer Innovation Program 2016. I was not a part of the initial development, working with an already established codebase with six others as my first Live Studio team. The game was released in March 2017 for iOS and Android.
• Worked on the combat system, making additions such as missing, blocking, and critical hit.
• Contributed to the development of the elemental system for the game as part of the combat overhaul
• Cleaned up the UI in some areas
• Fixed mild to severe bugs

Emmanuel Mallea
Programmer - Producer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS