Hello world!
Published 3 months ago
Introducing the team and our project
Hello everyone! For our first post, I would like to say a few words about my team and what we are planning to do. The team consists of 4 people, Evgenia Gavala, Leandros Priego, Marianna Thanasiou and Angelo Tsiflas (me). All of us are currently studying 3D Animation at Intergraphics. Our experience ranges from novice to junior level, so we are planning to advance in a step-by-step approach.
For this challenge we tried to imagine a future not so bright and glorious as many would think. Our approach will be to visualize how a future city in a developing country might look like. We took a lot of inspiration from movies like "Elysium", "Blade Runner 2049", games like "Brink", "Titanfall", as well as from modern cities that suffer from similar problems that we are trying to portray. Our focus will be in conveying in detail some aspects of the daily life of that city in a realistic artstyle.
In the days to follow we will start posting screenshot from the Unity editor and from all the extra software that we will utilize to make this concept a reality. We will also do our best to document every part of the pipeline, from modeling to final rendering of the scene in Unity, so that everyone can get a look at our workflow. Feel free to leave your comments, critiques and feeback below. We would love to hear what you have to say.
For now, here is the concept art that sparkled the whole idea:

Angelo Tsiflas
Environment Artist - Artist