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Equii is a challenging word game where you solve puzzles made up of pictures, letters & numbers. Things can get tricky with addition, subtraction, and other modifiers. Compete head to head against a random brainiac or pair up with a friend. Create your own and earn rewards as you stump other players.

Challenge Yourself

Solve Equiis, word puzzles created by the Equii team and your fellow players, to earn rewards and your place on the leaderboard. Equiis are made up of combinations of images, letters, and numbers along with various modifiers to make a single word. Tore + Tea + A? Tortilla! Simple as that. You can try your hand at each of the hundreds of challenge Equiis one time but no pressure, there isn't a clock.

Challenge Others

You don't have to play alone though. Challenge a friend or a total stranger in a heads-to-head, first to ten match. You'll be guessing at any of our more than one thousand Equiis, handcrafted by the team just for you. Play up to ten games at a time as you rack up points and coins. Be the first to ten points and earn big rewards and an even better ranking on the competitive leaderboard.

Make Your Own

Guessing at Equiis made by someone else isn't the only way that you can earn rewards and rank. You can make your own, choosing from our selection of one thousand images. Your Equii stats are tracked throughout their lifetime, so you'll always know how many players you stumped.
Made in partnership with Object Studio, Smash Co. Games, and Right Angle Studio.
Kyle Hadley
Smash Co. Games - Owner
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Android; iOS