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First post
Hi this is my first entry. I'm french 2d artist co founder of BlackMuffin Studio. I'm trying in this contest to work for my first time on complet 3d scene. I will take time in a few day to post colorboard and others things.
For now i just make some 3d rough. For environment i want have my own assets and texturing. It will be long and hard, but i think it's a good training.

Hi First render test of the night.
Hi After a few Day. I Finish 3D Asset, UV, and Integration in Unity. When i'm working i ofen start to design concept in Photoshop. But sometime like this project, i start on 3ds max to have a 3D base. Which avoids to pass many time on draw. And focus on overpaint/ colorboard.
I'm starting to search pipeline and render asset. I work on photoshop and substance painter. I'm trying to have "painting texture" render. I want to have other things like generic texture, put " 2D touch".
This week i will take time to devellop context of this little story.
WIP Lighting
I'm starting to work lighting and post processing in unity whithout texture for now.
I'm so sorry, but i have no time to finalise this project......... I post a video anyway!

mathieu collangettes
co-founder BlackMuffin Studio - Artist
co-founder BlackMuffin Studio - Artist
Hope your project will be fine
co-founder BlackMuffin Studio - Artist
Hi Emmanuel really thanks! i do my best for an 2d artist
Designer / Motion artist / indie dev. - Designer
bravo the 3D is promising ^^