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Advanced tech and longing for nature


A couple of elderly people living in a high-tech city want to go to the beach, so they take a train, with their house. A retelling of "Up" with video screens.

Inspired by:

  • Life in Wuhan's pollution cloud
  • An optimistic misunderstanding of the concept of hyperloop
  • This inspiration board:
  • feeling old and wanting to go on vacation
  • memory of beach bungalows

Assets Used:

I'm also using music from soundcloud

Last Day:

I was hoping to at a least have a video up that met at least 20% of the criteria. It's been panic-vomitingly fun trying to bring a crayon to a gun show, but I've spent the whole day panic-vomiting. Still proud of myself.

Day 32:

May as well make it look nice.

Days 19-31:

Still watching tutorials. Time for some actual work.
Redid the entire environment. It's several versions of the city_blocks model from The Blacksmith: Atmospheric Scattering package.
The big round building is the wheel from the Blacksmith stretched over a cylinder. The giant statue is art_3 from the sci-fi modular pack on top of the house foundation from the Blacksmith: Environments. The set of identical buildings are storage containers from the sci-fi pack.
The important part is the mobile room. It's made of doors, walls and storage containers from sci-fi pack.

Days 13-18:

Continued Unity research. Have discovered some important techniques necessary to the final product.

Day 12:

Going back to very essential tutorials. This is feeling like NaNoWriMo.

Day 11:

Watched some tutorials and learned about doing terrain. Or just ground in general.


Day 10:

Carefully read instructions and rules. Organized folders. Made objectives spreadsheet.
But this was just the rules, I must remind myself of my inspiration and how I want to apply my narrative influences specifically to my own vision.
Here's a collage of ideas I want visible in my narrative in some way:
Can you guess what I'm going to do with all of these ideas? I need to put it in specific writing so I don't forget or give up, or so I can document changes to the vision.
I imagine, "If I left the project unfinished, is there enough on record to enable someone else to complete it according to my original vision?" WWIWGRRMTD? (What would I want George R. R. Martin to do?) ----finish his masterpiece and live long and comfortably whether he wants to write more or not, that's what I want him to do, but keep good records just in case.
So here are all my secrets and spoilers:
Also, I need a script for the video, which in my mind functions like a trailer, a commercial or a pixar short.

Finally, my dear old computer's specs.
Next, I need to get some assets.
I made a list of assets I anticipate needing based on my screenplay.
Forgot to mention we need fog. Lots of fog.
Hmm, After a good, ravenous look at the asset store, I see why the example is dark and foggy. I recall praise of the genius of Jurassic Park.
People who write essays about movies inevitably cite: 1) combining practical and special effects 2) limiting how much the creature is on screen 3) using several different techniques best suited to different circumstances 4) setting animation in the dark, with rain.
A video game is all CGI, so no practical, limiting CGI or Goldblum is an option. So, I'll be setting this in the dark just like everyone else. Just like I was advised in the first introduction to the project. I need lots of fog. Maybe I need a tyrannosaurus.
Well, I've got a sky box and a square of ground that looks quite silly.
Realistic Terrain Collection: tesselated bump specular displacement and Dawndusk sky box.

Day 9:

Learned about Neon Challenge, began imagining...

Days 1-8 Of Neon Challenge:

Did diddly squat.
Rachael Anne Bao
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Rachael Anne Bao
2 years ago
ESL Instructor
Oh, thanks.
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Looking forward to see more on this :) You have organized all data nicely.