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This video presents my work on this challenge. I haven't got enough experience for lots of things, but I have learned a lot and found out my way. Thank you Unity for the opportunity to participate, I only got time left to check out your amazing works! Good luck everyone

Hello, fellows! My name is Dmitry, I've been 3d modeling for few years.It's an honor for me to participate in such a contest.

I've chosen 'Beneath' as a name of our work. I want to show life of people who live on the bottom of great populous cities. I love the idea and hope to bring it in the right way! I'll try my best.
I chose this picture (with number of changes) as a reference for the scene. I think it perfectly defines our thoughts and ideas. Im going to post the WIPs below. Good luck to everyone and have fun creating!

The last day of challenge I used for exploring cinemachine, It came out pretty easy. I took animation from Mixamo, integration with cinemachine was good.

Hello everyone!
It's been hard week, combining daily work with Neon challenge.. But I did not give it up, I continued working with textures and I must say the most part of it is ready.
I used UberShader asset as material. Textured in SP, did nothing special but something tells me that I messed up with a pipeline somewhere. Time will show.
I think I went too deep into modeling.. Guess Im running out of time for scene animation now

This time I added some detailes to the scene. Unfortunately my pal that planned to participate with me as a team, couldnt join me. Regardless, I'll do my best to create what we've planned. Cheers

Prop modeling and UV unwrap

Blockmesh modeling

Assets Used:

● Post Processing Stack

● Cinemachine

● Unity Particle Pack

● FogVolume

● Recorde 0.2

● Robot Lab

● Simple LUT adjuster

● Space Robot Kyle


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Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Very good :) Looking forward to see more :)
2 years ago
same for me! run!!
2 years ago
environment artist
markp-unity@Taertau the concept is amazing - please please bring this to life! :D
i will ! ^-^
2 years ago
Head of Product, Unity Connect
@Taertau the concept is amazing - please please bring this to life! :D