Published 2 years ago
"The blackest abyss is a pock in the flesh when one has gazed in solitude upon the infinity of self." This quote from The Orville reminds me that inspiration lies in strange places.
'Nighthawks' might be Edward Hopper's most ambitious essay in capturing the night-time effects of manmade lights. However, light might not be the only thing he captured in his pictures. He, being peerless in his work, evoked urban loneliness and disappointment with beautiful clarity like no other. Where's The Flux? one might ask. What does Hopper, the Orville and a couple more references have to do with this challenge? Do I smell a hint of foreshadowing in the air? The long and the short of it, I'll be kicking this project off with, in my opinion, both the most crucial and personally my favourite part of game design: Worldbuilding and Storytelling. In the coming weeks I'll try to document the development of my environment and I'll try to break it down into the following topics: 1) World and Story 2) Concept and Design 3) Asset Production 4) Video Production 5) Editing and Postproduction
Raffael Miribung
Art Director - Artist