Published 2 years ago
In development
Mac; Linux; Windows; WebGL

Tilt2 is a puzzle adventure game, in development by BlastOffProductions. In this puzzle adventure world, you'll have to, solve hard puzzles, defeat the evil kings minions, and take down his huge captains. All of this to find a princess kidnaped by the evil King Cubis, who lives in his dark castle, waiting for a ransom! Of course, you won't deliver any ransom money. Instead you will defeat King Cubis, and scatter his evil minions! Saving the princess, and the Sphere kingdom!

However, thats not all that Tilt2 has. Now in Tilt2, you can play 2 PLAYERS! So grab a friend, and play challenging puzzles, helping each other escape each new level!

Multiplayer Mode

In this mode, you have to help each other escape the room! If your friend doesn't make it, neither will you! So help each other out the best you can, pulling levers, blowing up enemies, and collecting all the blocks.

We hope to be able to make more multiplayer levels in the future too. Our plan is to release more levels every month! So you and your best friend can take on the hoards of enemies, and bring them to there knees! (Note: Monthly levels might take place after the Tilt2 (Full Version) is complete).

If you'd like to know more about Tilt2, you can find out here on our Website.

Alexander Singleton
BlastOffProductions - Owner
Supported Platforms
Mac; Linux; Windows; WebGL