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Linux; Mac; Windows; Android; iOS
UFHO2 is a competitive game that mixes puzzle strategy with a hint of board game. It was the project I worked on between 2012-2014 with my company Tiny Colossus, and my first real commercial game.
In turn-based fashion, you play an alien who is moving about a labyrinthine UFO made of dozens of rotating hexagonal rooms, trying to outsmart your opponent in the effort of getting first to some Gems that spawn in the spaceship.
The marketing blurb went like:
Play an alien navigating a maze of hexagons in this competitive mix between strategy and board game. Plan your next turn, think fast, act faster, and outmanoeuvre your opponents by predicting their moves. If you are into strategy and tactics, UFHO2 will put your brain to the test! In this sequel, things get bigger and better in every way: new stages, more board layouts, all new characters, new game modes, more power-ups, and tons of Achievements and Leaderboards.
I funded the game through a small successful campaign on Kickstarter, at the beginning of 2012. I developed the game for 2 years on my own (+ 2 short contract collaborations). Eventually, it was launched in April 2014 for iOS and PC/Mac through Desura, and shortly after for Android. The next year, it got greenlit on Steam and I was able to put it on there.
When I joined Unity Technologies in 2016, I put the game for free on all platforms.
Ciro Continisio
Technical Evangelist - Educator
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Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows; Android; iOS