Published a year ago
GearVR entry for the Oculus Mobile Game Jam 2015
I put together a team of volunteers to work on this entry to the Oculus Mobile Game Jam 2015.
Serac takes the player on a fraught and hallucinatory journey through a frozen wasteland. The player climbs a seemingly haunted mountain in an obsessive quest for the summit, descending into madness as he reaches higher and higher altitudes. We employ VR-only mechanics, strictly using head gestures to control the character's interaction with the environment. The player initiates movement by staring at a target to designate a destination: once a stare timer expires, the player viewpoint glides toward the destination. The player undertakes a head-shake to expend strength to warm up; a downward look initiates a rest mode, wherein the player recovers strength.

Jaba Adams
Lead Developer - Owner