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Survive is a stranded on an island simulation.
***This project is from my “beginner days” of unity. It was never intended to be released to the public. However, I did learn a lot about Unity’s engine building it. The only reason I am posting it is to demonstrate my ability to create a bagged inventory system.***
In survive, you must use your wits to find food while not becoming food yourself. Additionally, you will need to craft everything you need to survive. The only resources you have available to craft with are things like trees, beasts, sticks, and stones that litter the landscape around you. So, pickup anything that seems like it might be useful.
P.S. Don't look directly at the programmer art.
To Prospective Employers:
You may have noticed that the GUIs are using Unity’s old OnGUI system. You also may have guessed this project was build using a very old version of Unity, it was Unity 3.somthing. Anyway, this does not affect the custom classes and scripts I wrote to make the bagged inventory system you see in the screenshots.
All items in the game are derived from an item class. Additionally, there is a game manager in the scene that has an item database with all the items in the game in it. Furthermore, the bag items are derived from a bag class. The bag class is derived from the item class. A bag can be placed in the bag slot on the GUI. Once on the bag GUI, the bag can be opened. Items can be placed into the bag using mouse click and drop actions. Moreover, you can also right click an item stack on the GUI to split it in half. Also, the bags size can be adjusted in the inspector. Lastly, all objects that derive from the item class can be: placed in the world, picked up by the player, placed on the GUI action bar or into the bagged inventories, and dropped back into the world. All the formally described functionality currently works, with bugs included for free.
I hope this project will show that I am able to: preform inheritance, preform polymorphism, and develop a bagged inventory system.

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