VR Game
Published 2 years ago
VR Game
Playing games is always fun, but have you ever played a game using virtual reality? It is where the main fun begins. We all have dreamt of being a wizard or a magician at some point in our childhood. Having magical powers was always an exciting idea. This project will let you live your childhood fantasy, which comes to life in VR. The solution - A game revolving around Witchcraft and wizardry developed for a Semiconductor Manufacturer Company to show case their powerful hardware and its capabilities. The game majorly focuses on a protagonist with special magical powers from one of the magical element schools which he uses against the enemies by casting a spell against them using his wand. There are enemies with various powers and attack mechanism, who start marching towards the player when he reaches their vicinity. With realistic soundtrack and eye-catching environment, it is certainly a visual treat for the person playing this game.
Tech Mahindra