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A multiplayer, action-strategy, tower defense game for PC's

Skydome is a fresh take on the multiplayer online battle arena genre with a BIG tower defense twist

Inside it, two teams compete to capture the enemy artifact with waves of summoned minions, while also having to defend their own.

To the Skydome

Inside the beautiful arena located in the floating archipelago in the sky, nations and tribes of the world can battle against one another for global supremacy. The winner amasses much more than riches and glory, being capable of using the Skydome's mysterious power to influence the world according to its view. The kingdoms brave enough to participate, must gather an ensemble of its most capable and skilled champions to represent itself.

Get your strategies straight

Summon and send an army of minions into the enemy field to conquer their artifact. While also making sure to defend yours from impending waves of deadly creatures. Choose which kind of creatures and where to deploy them to better counter the opposing team!

Your very army of creeps

An army made of the most diverse and powerful kinds of creatures that can be spawned right into the enemy field. Use them to destroy everything and everyone in their path, always conquering more and more field area towards the enemy artifact.

The Tribes' Champions

The contestants of the Skydome are unique not only in charm and personality, but also in their multiple and resourceful one of kind abilities. Work together with your team defending your artifact against endless and ever stronger enemy creatures. Be ready and make those unwelcome creatures regret their visit!

Stand your ground!

Be prepared for the unexpected. Get tactical with a large number of defense mechanisms at your disposal, customize the battlefield and make it your own. Show the enemy that your team can withstand anything and everything they throw at you.

And really, much more.

We've very high ambitions and so much more planned for Skydome's future that we have yet to share with the world. We invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter not just to be always kept updated on the latest, but to chime in and help us deliver the very best experience.

Developed by Kinship Entertainment
Leonardo Gigliotti
C# Magics - Programmer
Arthur Aulicino
C# - Programmer
Eric Garcia
3D Environment Artist - Artist
Orlando Batista da Silva
Gameplay Programmer - Programmer
Caio Rosisca
Lead Gameplay Programmer - Programmer
Kinship Entertainment
Game Company - Other
Game Languages
English; English, British; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
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