Menu VR
Key features :
  • Runs with the Oculus Rift ;
  • Supports 4K and/or 360° and/or stereoscopic videos ;
  • Can launch external oculus applications (and go back to the main menu when they are closed). From the user's perspective, it looks exactly the same as playing a video (the method is more complex though) ;
  • No controllers : head-tracking only ;
  • Videos, images, trailer etc. are loaded as you start the application : you can enrich or modify the content without rebuilding the project ;
  • Informations (title, description, format) and visuals (presentation picture, trailer, 360 picture) can be added to each video ;
  • Details on the format of each video are displayed in front of the player (duration, stereoscopic or not...) ;
  • Scene, textures, sounds, menu organization are fully customizable ;
  • Calibration of the camera in command line. Calibration data are then saved in persistent .data files for later uses.
Gaël Prince
Software Engineer (VR) - Programmer