Game rules prototyping language.
SandCat is the first game rules prototyping language. The language allows designers to quickly and iteratively prototype their game ideas. The language features a supporting tools, such as a Unity plugin, which allows designers to prototype in any engine. There really are no good tools for game designers. All popular tools like Unity, GameMaker, UnrealEngine, or Construct are actually software production tools - they focus on creating a piece of software and not on the design of a game. These tools were not created for designers so their primary goal is to speed up the software development process but not the game design process. Because these tools don’t keep game design in mind, when a game designer has an idea, they are forced to either make a paper prototype, or write code. This is a problem - game designers should be spending their time designing games, not writing software or cutting paper. Designers need tools created specifically for them. I am working on such a tool called SandCat which aims to solve these problems.
Ryan Rothweiler
Software Engineer - Programmer