AR Food
Exhausted of promoting your brand via conventional ways? Give it a try, we developed an Augmented Reality mobile application, a completely new technical idea to promote a business on.
This application is an amazing and effective platform that simulates a 3D model of your foods in the real world, in real size and in real time. Based on the Augment Reality theory which gives a 360-degree, direct or indirect view of a physical object in the real world, the app will provide all of your tastes on a digital platform in more organised and attractive manner. Simply, it’s a 3D menu card of your restaurant that shows the users all of your foods using computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video or graphics. This creative way is the latest trend in the market and is being highly admired by the food industries. What are you waiting for? In this current digital era, let the customers experience your business in virtual reality first, before they bring home any of your interior design products. With the Augmented Reality, you can visualise your products to your customers in the real-time and in the real world. The technology further helps in boosting your sales graph by elevating the user experience in virtually designed space. We provide the Custom Augmented Reality platform through an Android and iOS based application for various industries. Our application offers customize 3D experience of your products that enables the customers to personalize their home interior using virtual furniture and other decorating stuff. Let us take the charge for you, our team of experts, from designers to developers, all are up to help you in taking your business on the augmented-virtual world.
Hemant Singh
Unity3d Developer - Programmer