The goal was to take 3 retro games and reimagine them in virtual reality. We took Tetris, Asteroids and Minesweeper, and we turned each of them into a few minutes virtual reality experience.
The context We were tasked by the school to create 3 demo games to showcase virtual reality during various events. This project has been developed in about 3 months for educational purpose only. The product We have a VR game that works with the HTC Vive in a room scaled setup. The game has been developed with Unity3D. Menu - Arcade Room In the arcade, you can select one of the games to play. You can also interact with the surrounding environment. You can play with the basketball arcade, pool table, change the soundtrack with the jukebox or interact with most objects in the arcade. Tetris Playing Tetris is pretty much like the original tetris, except that you manipulate the blocks with your hands. Asteroids Asteroids took a particular turn by becoming a tower defense game where the player has 4 turrets and has to protect the station from asteroids and UFOs. Minesweeper It's minesweeper, except that it's the gardening edition, where the number of flowers indicates the number of mines around it and you use a shovel to dig out mines.
David Tran
Software Engineering Student - Student