Fun, fast, cool mobile online shooter with jumps & exciting Graphics.

Hassle – mobile online shooter with 3x3 – 5x5 PVP & Co-op missions. To kill enemy you can use different guns, special perks like flame thrower, area perks like big explosion, protect your character with armor perks and use continuous jumps to avoid enemy’s bullets. Participate in tournaments and show everyone who's cool!

Now the game is at the beta stage (Early access) so some features are not available, but will be in nearest future.
Thanks Intellectual Immensity Corp. (IIC.) the future on earth come sooner than expected. New technologies are used everywhere, both in industry and in everyday life. To use all the technologies, citizens must undergo a mandatory identification, ie implementation of controller chip in a person.
But there are those people who do not accept these obligations. They call themselves the resistance force "Free Breath". In almost all cities there are skirmishes, is the confrontation between the government forces and the forces of resistance.
Limkernel OU
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