TERRIUM is the realization of Mars Explorer 3.0, the fan-made successor to Aubrey Falconer's Mars Explorer 2.0 video game.
DESCRIPTION TERRIUM is set in a future with four imaginative vehicles with unique special abilities to enhance skill-based strategic gameplay. Including a world creator with height map painting, terrain texturing, 3D model placement and more, the game encourages budding and experienced artists alike to create and play in their own fantastic realms. Players can design and play their own maps in various game modes like Battle Tag for endless novel gameplay. Furthermore, this game embodies minimal violence through the use of laser weapons and vehicular “tagging.” Children will love to build their own worlds and compete in them, while parents will appreciate the lack of violence. Adventurous world explorers, fierce competitors, and budding map designers are all encouraged to play. For Free. Now Lujan seeks financial support to further his vision for TERRIUM. On behalf of the TERRIUM development team and playerbase, Lujan thanks you for your support during this campaign: Happy exploring!
EARLY HISTORY TERRIUM is the realization of Mars Explorer 3.0, the fan-made successor to Aubrey Falconer's Mars Explorer 2.0 video game. “TERRIUM is a perfect name, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!” (Aubrey Falconer, MarsXPLR Creator). In 2008, Aubrey Falconer introduced a free game called Mars Explorer. It combined high speed offroad adventure, fully aerobatic flight, and friendly first person multiplayer action in fantastic environments. Part of Mars Explorer’s core concept was to offer an awesome game that offers no destruction, no realistic violence or death, no folklore or prescribed role-playing, and no currency system (for weapons, armor, etc.). It reminded the world about constructive gameplay, not based on realistic warfare, while still offering the same degree of playability and fun. It is also a free game with no pay-to-win attributes. “Early distinctions included a month as the most popular OS X game dashboard widget in the world, and Special Recognition in the 2008 Unity awards. Thanks to its viscerally satisfying vehicle physics and integrated map design toolset, a vibrant community developed around the game” (, May 6 2017). In 2012, Falconer discontinued Mars Explorer and released its source code. In April 2013, Eric Lujan started what would become TERRIUM. As one of the original Mars Explorer players, Lujan is passionate about reviving his childhood favorite game, preserving its core gameplay while expanding horizons. Over the past four years, Lujan has carefully worked with designers and developers to realize his vision for TERRIUM: to redefine modern multiplayer vehicular combat. The gliding buggy, swift hovercraft, agile jet, and sticky-treaded tank offer unparalleled strategic gameplay rooted in unique physics.
Eric Lujan
Founder & Lead Developer - Owner