Mathumb is an educational math game for 2 players. Develop your math skills in a duel with a friend! Select the mode you are interested in and off you go! Start the game with the Play button and place yourself and your opponent on opposite sides of the phone. Every correct answer will move the jaw one point closer to the opponent but watch out! If you choose the wrong answer the jaw will turn in your direction! The player who gets the first two points wins. Test your mind and reflex. Show your math skills in one of the best and simplest two-player math games! The game operates on basic mathematical operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Modes can be run individually or in a mixed system. Everything is designed to make math fun for kids. Dear Parent! Play a few rounds with your child and see how well he will handle upcoming math tests! Who would've guessed that math can be that fun! Thumbs UP :)
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