Learn English vocabulary with this beautifully designed language learning application. -This language app can be used no matter your native language. -Lango will help you build your English vocabulary. -Lango will help you to remember noun genders and spellings. -Using Lango will give you a solid English vocabulary to build on. The app is designed to be used together with either taking English in a classroom setting or combined with another learning method that helps teach the language more completely. Why we made Lango Apps: We wanted to focus on one aspect of language learning and really do it well, and make it interesting so people get a huge benefit out of it. We focused on learning vocabulary because it is one of the most important parts of speaking a new language. Lango apps help accelerate your learning process by introducing you to and reinforcing many of the most common English words.
Bhavesh Vaghasiya
Full Stack Unity3D Developer - Programmer