Title : MAX WAR Developer : Max Trix Games Genre : FPS OpenWorld Games Mode : MultiPlayer Platform : Windows Release Date : TBA (Under Development) MAX WAR tells a condition in which the group called Rofux has almost mastered the world, player act as a fighter that join a colony called united world fighters to survive and repel the invaders. There's no government and states, as though rofux is part of the big conspiracy of the world​ When a group called rofux began to colonize and dominate the world, the world is destroyed, I joined the world fighters group to survive and take back all that we have before. Who knows how long this war will be end. My question, where the government? where the state? Key Features : EXPLORE VARIOUS THEMED MAP ATMOSPHERE - The islands based on real shape island which separated by sea and strait CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEAPON - Combine your weapon with available attachement DRIVE UNIQUE VEHICLES - It's take too long time if you walk by foot, find unique vehicle which includes Ground, Water, & Air Vehicle MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCS - Play online with other peoples, and also play with your own colony/clan REALISTIC BULLET PHYSIC - The bullet has a travel speed DAY NIGHT CYCLES - You may need a flashlight to see in the darkness CONSTRUCTOR - You can build your own basecamp for a defensive or just train your architectural skill the meaning of colony games is we need to perform a collaboration with your colony/clan, this will need a teamwork to raise your colony to the victory Max war will not only having a single theme map, but it will include an open world map with multiple islands, the islands is basically shaped by real indonesian islands which scaled to a mini islands. Max war will present many and unique level atmosphere, that can be desert, forest, village, industrial, and many more.
Endrik Prasetyo
Programmer - Programmer