Collaborative environment for all VR headsets to interact in real time.
Imagine that you want to share the experience of a simulation or you want to explain a complex concept to a friend and it results hard to do it in the real world, even if you are at the same room. But what if you could take that person into a virtual world, where both or even more people can live that same simulation guided by you or by another person. That sounds awesome isn’t it? Now imagine that you can do it with your own VR ready phone even if you own a Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any HMD, even a pc. You will be able to watch and interact with your friends and partners to enjoy or study. You simply create an account, download the application in your mobile, desktop or just in your web client browser, search for some available rooms select a topic of interest choose available rooms in that topic it could be games, simulations or even a conference, choose the desired room. If you own an HMD you can put it on and start to interact with your partners. If you are a creator you can upload your simulations and share it.That's the power of COLLAB.
VR Content Producer