Spubble is a fun and exciting bubble popping game that will truly test your speed and accuracy skills. You must tap the blue and green bubbles before they hit the bottom but beware of the evil red bubbles.
Story of Spubble: In a world where bubbles are the dominate species! The bubbles must constantly fight to keep their world as smooth as possible or risk being popped! But if thats not enough, the infamous red bubbles are tired of just smoothing their world and look to expand into other worlds in hope of one day controlling the universe and bubble reigning over all species including humans! But the green and blue disagree knowing this is not possible for the other galaxies are much to sharp. So they have formed an alliance against the red bubbles and are now at war to keep the other bubble clans from joining the red's cause! It's up to you, to help the green and blue bubbles keep their fellow bubbles from falling into the trap of the red bubbles!
Jeremy Pagley