A Game of Tactical Combat, bringing true realism to the RTS genre.
The TacOps project is about creating a truly realistic tactical operations game in the RTS/Milsim genre. This spans all elements of tactical combat, from equipment and ammunition through training and experience to individual soldier initiatives and actions independent of orders. You will play either in singleplayer or multiplayer against a human opponent, either in individual battles or in campaign mode. You will take the role as commander of a company-sized force belonging to the country and arms branch of your choice, modelled after real-world military units of today. The composition of forces at your disposal will depend on your playing style and country/arms branch preferences. The base game will ship with two basic but complete armies, with a wide range of addons available in the form of individual companies. To build your own favorite army, you will acquire the forces you wish to use in the form of companies, modelled after real-world units, with each company giving you access to the units and equipment that makes up the company formation in question. If you own a Polish Army Mechanized Company and a Polish Marine Recon Company, the forces available to you are the units that make up those companies. Some countries will have a very wide range of company types, while other may have a smaller one. In some cases, several countries/factions will be grouped into generic factions, like for example South American Guerilla, Central African Militia or Middle Eastern Rebels. The ambitious goal is to have a representation of each and every country and force in the world. We realize, of course, that it is an impossible goal, but it is still one we’d like to work toward. However, we will start out by creating the forces we feel are most wanted and go on by asking our backers and the community which countries/factions/units they want to see on the battlefield. As an individual player, you will be limited to playing as a single country at a time. We feel like the need for coalition forces at the company level is very limited, since very few allied forces are mixed down to that level. There will be mechanisms in the game that gives an advantage to realistic military formations, which serves to guide the players toward choosing forces with a realistic composition. You’ll be better off setting up a force consisting of a single standard French Army Infantry Company than one consisting of a number of ad-hoc squads and sections, for example.
Mathias Carlsson
IT Manager - Other