Summary You play as a Godling and you are going to collect the god powers that the higher gods had lost in an ancient time before you. Your twin sister is only looking for destructive powers with her followers. Will you be able to stop her before the destroys the whole world? Specification: Group - Studio Smithereen Time - Ten weeks at 50% Level editor - Unity 3D Engine - In-house My contrubutions: Level design Mission design LUA Scripting Audio (Voice part) Voice-over Tools: Unity 3D World Machine Notepad++ Atom Adobe Photoshop Audacity Work: For this project we needed to do a lot of research, we first looked at different games for reference. In the end we settled for 'Warcraft 3' but without the building part of the game cause we knew that the core gameplay will be hard to set up for this type of project. We collected the different mechanics 'Warcraft 3' as well as the different types of missions the game had. We also learned new programs such as World machine to build our levels and atom to get a better overlook at our scripting. When we worked on our levels we first had a paper planning phase, we pointed out missions, side-quests and the majority of playable areas. After the top-downs were made we started working with the terrain tools in Unity 3D, when we had a rough level done inside Unity we exported the level and imported the map into World machine. Inside World machine we added different types of filters such as world erosion to get the world natural flow. Then we exported the map from World machine and went back to Unity, back in Unity we started placing models and made smaller changes to the terrain to fit the game more. With experience from before where we worked in layers we also applied it to this project as well, this is because of the camera, we didn't want to have an up and down movement on the camera itself cause it made our playtesters confused and a little bit motion sick. We had to freeze the camera in place so we had layers to work with so the terrain does not interrupt with our camera or the gameplay. The funniest moment for me in this project was all the scripting I was honored to work with, I could spawn enemies, move objects and make pings on the minimap. I felt that I could control and make a unique battle in many places even when I was working with smaller number of models or units.
Christofer Schenström
Junior Level Designer - Designer
Christoffer Wardh
Lead Programmer - Programmer