Overview: This project is to form and develop collaborative working relationships with potential partners. I have teamed up with Nikki(from my course), and Gill(from LCC MA Sound design). The game is a puzzle game based on our research on plants. As people becoming less close to the nature, due to development of technology and advanced lifestyle, we are interested in creating a game to teach and introduce various plants to the players. I believe a lot of gamers are similar to me, grew up in urban areas, have very limited opportunity to learn about plants on earth. Gameplay: Collect and use different plants to overcome various obstacles and puzzles arrive the destination on each level. Name of the game : Burgeon Platform : Mobiles, Tablets, PC Target number of players : 1 Genre : Puzzle game Control : Simple click/tab Game Designers : Chris Li, Nikki Wang Programming : Chris Li Art : Nikki Wang Sound : Gill
Chris Li
MA Game design student - Student