Rosvita is A Metroidvania Adventure about a girl who can warp reality by opening bubbles to other universes. My role in the project was that of team lead, creative director and artist. A vertical slice demo was developed in collaboration between myself, programmer Joao Guerra, animator Mark Storer and writer Lara Barbier. Rosvita boasts a rich story and a unique aesthetic in which I built each environment in 3D and then drew all the line work and colour by hand. The 2D and 3D was later combined in engine to create the impression of a living breathing french comic book, with real time lighting and effects. We took the demo to various conferences, conventions and events where it was extremely well received, garnering positive feedback from publishers, developers and platform holders alike. Even successfully applying to and attending the Inaugural Stugan accelerator programme in Sweden in 2015. The project was eventually put on hold due to external pressures. The player character "Rosvita" was drawn and Animated by Mark Storer, all other art and effects were created by myself.
Simon Ashbery
3D Artist