Match 3 game based on the broadway musical. The game has an interesting progression mechanic over a big maze filled with gems.
IOS and web flash build pipeline definition to be able to build the game in Windows. Generalization of a Match 3 engine from previous match 3 games. Adaptation of the new Match 3 engine to scrolling boards with thousands of gems. Implementation of the score calculation Creation of an automated Adobe Air app that tested the game’s logic and animations with pseudo-random inputs. This helped us improve the robustness of the code. Definition of a process to include new gems and obstacles through the implementation of an abstract design Localizable UI framework for flash UIs Player IO integration for player profile and messaging Local saves for offline play and PlayerIO cloud saves with synchronization across devices. Tutorial implementation with a flow of stages that had input and graphic masks triggered and removed by game events. Social integration with facebook invite, requests, gifting and friends portrait on map. Memory optimizations for the game to run appropriately on IOS, the max amount of RAM memory we could safely allocate in IOS at the time was 64MB. IPA size reduction to 35MB for 3G download by moving most assets to the CDN. Ads implementation for web and IOS with HasOffers GameCircle implementation for the Amazon kindle port Google play implementation for the Android port URL:
David Diaz
Unity Certified - Graphics Expert - 12yr XP - Programmer