My Augmented Reality Experience (mARx) is changing the way we interact with everyday objects and images by making them come alive with exciting content. Create your own mARx to engage and interact with your friends and clients by harnessing the power of Augmented Reality! mARx is a Social Augmented Reality experience which allows you to take pictures of logos or other graphics and create your own unique augmented experiences to share. Turn your business card into a link to your website or to your portfolio, have a flyer link to a promotional video or even showcase fun 3D Models onto your favorite poster! You now have the chance to make your mARx! Features: Real-time Augmented Reality mARx Upload Video Experience Association Website Experience Association Virtual Object Association Features to be released: Target Rating System Facebook Sharing Instagram Posting Twitter Sharing 3D object self publishing
Evan McCall
Mobile/VR/AR Developer - Programmer
VR/AR/MR Freelance Developer - Executive
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