Quick Overview

Envy is a multi-storyline game with fast paced gameplay. Wield spells and utilize your innate abilities to combat the bad guys and turn the world back to normal. Then go back in time and do it again, but differently! Déjà vu anybody?
The objective that we aim to achieve in this game is a humorous and anti-cliched story that throws the player off. The gameplay is also aimed to be very unique. Leveling isn't like most games. In fact, you might as well not even call them levels. The gear system is also something new and has a lot of combinations. Traversing the map isn't very new but it is definitely different than what most games have to offer. Rather than going straight forward to your next destination, you can expect there to be a new map directly above you. Sort of like a floating island.
Stay tuned...

The Team

  • Kristopher Ali
  • Programmmer, Project Leader
  • Travylle Bain
  • Artist
  • Trisha Hildebrandt
  • Composer
  • Steve Goldstein
  • Composer
  • Jonathan Jules
  • UI / UX Designer
Quaint Studios
Kristopher Ali
Lead Programmer - Owner