PS2 era style adventure platformer
The game takes inspiration from old 6th generation console games that place an emphasis on exploration, platforming, and puzzle solving. Some of which are Jack and Daxter, Rayman 2, and the classic Legend of Zelda series. While the world is smaller and the puzzles simple, Nocveil still hopes to capture the same adventurous feeling these games gave us so many years ago. This game has different environments to explore, enemies and obstacles to avoid and battle, small puzzles to solve, mini dungeons to explore, and a final boss battle. As you explore the game, you'll find areas to play a minigame and the reward for completing the minigame is a key. These keys are used to unlock new areas and continue on your mission. New areas will need to be explored and have small puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat before you can find one more of your lost brethren.
Nick Johnson